NDP introduce bill to protect future Joellan Huntley’s

April 10, 2015

Today NDP leader Maureen MacDonald introduced a bill in the Nova Scotia Legislature to ensure no future provincial government tries to recover money from a person in need or their family.

MacDonald says although many governments have not chosen to pursue the recovery of such funds, the recent case of Joellan Huntley’s family being sued by the government demonstrates the need for legislative change.

“I think Joellan would want to see this bill supported. She was a loving and caring person and I know she wouldn’t want other people to have to go through this type of situation,” said Louise Misner, Joellan’s mother.

Joellan Huntley was permanently disabled after a 1996 car crash. She lives at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre in Waterville, NS. Late last year the province took Huntley’s family to court in an attempt to get some of their $1-million insurance settlement that is currently being used for enhanced treatments for Joellan. The issue was settled out of court earlier this month.

“I think it was wrong for the McNeil government to try to recoup money that is being used to improve Joellan’s quality of life. It was a callous thing to do and it should never have happened,” said MacDonald.

The bill introduced today amends the Social Assistance Act to repeal a provision that permits the provincial government to recover assistance paid for the maintenance of a person in need in a home for the aged or a licensed nursing home from the person or the person’s executor or administrator, Section 12 (A).

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald and Joellan Huntley's mother Louise.

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald and Joellan Huntley’s mother Louise.