Remarks for NDP Leader Darrell Dexter Habitat for Humanity Announcement

October 4, 2013

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Habitat for humanity is about giving families a renewed sense of confidence and pride.

Moving into a habitat home gives people a sense of accomplishment that enables them to do more and reach their potential.

This is a great place to volunteer.

It is also a great illustration of how each of us can be part of building a better future for today’s families.

Many people are only now starting to turn their attention to this election.

Parents have been busy getting their kids back to school.

People have busy lives, and a lot of distractions – and I’m not just talking about the finale of Breaking Bad.

Now, when hardworking families are taking the time to consider what this election will mean to them, let me say:

Nova Scotians, this is your choice.

The future of our province rests in your hands.

The seats in the legislature belong to you.

Will you risk turning back to the Liberals?

Or will you keep building a better future for today’s families with the NDP?

After four weeks of campaigning, the choice is even more clearly defined.

Stephen McNeil is saying no to job incentives, no to investment in small business, no to young workers, and no to families and communities who are ready to fight for jobs here.

He says health care should be just like it was in 1999.

Just like it was in 1999 means 1,600 closed hospital beds, 1,000 nurses forced out of nursing, and a freeze on long-term care beds.

Seniors, health-care workers and patients don’t want to go backwards with the Liberals.

Mr. McNeil is wrong on jobs and wrong on health care.

To people thinking about voting PC, I understand the value of balanced budgets and lower taxes.

The NDP will keep the budget balanced, reduce the HST and keep moving money from administration to the delivery of better care.

To people thinking of voting Liberal, ask yourselves whether you really want a government just like in the 1990s, one that got rid of 1,400 teachers and drove up unemployment while driving down wages.

Ask yourselves: have the Liberals shown a better path to the future, or just a bystander-in-chief with a set complaints and false claims?

Is it worth the risk of turning backwards and starting all over again?

To the people who voted NDP in 2009, I thank you.

I know we have not accomplished everything you hoped for.

No one is more aware of that than me.

But we have made progress.

Much has been accomplished.

And by working together, we can do much more.

I’ve learned a lot over the last four years.

The experience of governing for the first time is the basis of the seven common sense NDP commitments in this campaign.

The choice is clear.

Fellow New Democrats, we have from now until October 8th.

Four more days to talk to your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers and every other Nova Scotian about building a better future for today’s families with the NDP.

Many voters are uncertain and undecided.

They need to hear from you about what has been accomplished and about how much more can be done.

I know that you can do it.

That we can do it.

And that Nova Scotians can keep building a better future, together.

I humbly ask that people support their NDP candidate on October 8th.

Let’s finish what we’ve started, and move this province forward.

Thank you.