Safety at Burnside Correctional Facility has deteriorated under McNeil government

March 11, 2015

NDP MLA Frank Corbett is concerned that violence at the Burnside Correctional Centre has increased significantly since Stephen McNeil became Premier. He says it’s time the government put in place a plan to ensure the safety of correctional workers and inmates is protected.

Corbett made the comments after learning of a life threatening assault that took place at the facility last night.

“I can remember Michel Samson, while in opposition, calling on the Justice Minister to resign after incidents at the facility, but now that the Liberals are in power the situation has deteriorated,” says Corbett. “Correctional facilities are just another area of government that has been neglected since Stephen McNeil became Premier.”

This February, the Canadian Press published a story indicating that assaults at the Burnside Correctional Facility had doubled in the first six months of 2014 under the current government.