See You There

August 29, 2016


Last week, after sending an email to Party members about campaigning in the Halifax Needham by-election, I received a response that I want to share, from our former provincial and federal Leader, and my good friend, Alexa McDonough.

Alexa told me that my reflections on door-knocking in Needham had inspired her to go and do some that very day herself, “to ensure we seize this opportunity to expand the New Democrat team.”

Alexa writes further about the importance of the present moment: “Nova Scotians will benefit from Lisa’s contribution to building a more humane, progressive province for future generations. The weather is perfect, the cause is worthy, and we’ll all benefit from the fresh air and exercise!”

Alexa’s got this. Today, and tomorrow on Election Day, are opportunities for us to together give one last great push to continue our NDP tradition in north-end Halifax, and to elect a representative who lives and breathes the values of social, environmental and economic justice.

I believe in Lisa Roberts. So does Alexa. And so do New Democrats in Needham and throughout the province.

2787 Agricola St.–Lisa Roberts Headquarters. See you there.

In solidarity and hope,