MacDonald: Nova Scotia needs to join Manitoba and Saskatchewan in calling for Senate Abolition

December 10, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) By way of a resolution introduced in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, the NDP are calling on the Liberal government to stand-up for taxpayers by supporting the abolition of the Senate.

“In Nova Scotia’s presentation to the Supreme Court it stated Senate abolition requires the agreement of all 10 provinces,” said NDP Acting Leader Maureen MacDonald. “Nova Scotians have the right to know if the opportunity arises, will the Liberal government support Senate abolition or will Stephen McNeil try to block it.”

In 2012 Nova Scotia’s Senators alone cost taxpayers $3.7 million dollars. In fact Canada’s third and fourth most expensive Senators were from Nova Scotia – Liberal Terry Mercer and Liberal James Cowan respectively. Only Gerry St. Germain of British Columbia and Pamela Wallin of Saskatchewan cost taxpayers more.

“Nova Scotians are fed up with the extravagances of our patronage appointed Senators,” said MacDonald. “Given that the average Nova Scotian can’t name a single action or decision the Senate has made that has had a positive impact on their lives, I think the time has come for Nova Scotia to join Manitoba and Saskatchewan in calling for an end to what has become a failed institution.”

A November 8, 2013 Angus-Reid poll suggested the majority of Canadians now support abolishing the Senate. In recent weeks the House of Assembly of both Manitoba and Saskatchewan passed motions in support of Senate abolition.