MacDonald: Stephen McNeil needs to strip Senator Mercer of his fundraising duties

January 31, 2014

(Halifax, NS) NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says Liberal senators should not be allowed to fundraise for the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. Her comments come a day after Liberal senator Terry Mercer told MacLean’s magazine he wants to keep supporting the Nova Scotia Liberal party either as an organizer or as a fundraiser.

According to the Nova Scotia Liberal Party web site, Mercer is currently the President of the Liberal Angus L. Fundraising Club. For a $600 donation to the Nova Scotia Liberal Party individuals can join the club which provides special invitations to exclusive Liberal events, access to a hospitality lounge at the Liberal AGM and a lapel pin.

MacDonald says McNeil should tell Mercer he is no longer able to fundraise for the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

“McNeil said senators would no longer be able to take part in Liberal election campaigns, so it only makes sense they should not be allowed to raise money for Liberal election campaigns,” said MacDonald. “Senator Mercer seems to be under the impression that he can continue to raise money and help organize on a provincial level for the Liberals – the Premier should dispel him of that notion immediately.”

On Wednesday, January 29th, a page honoring Nova Scotia’s Liberal senators was removed from the Liberal Party web site. However, Senator Mercer remains listed as the President of the Angus L Club.