Seniors receiving income supplement should not have to pay Pharmacare premiums

January 25, 2016

Many Nova Scotia seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement must now pay Pharmacare premiums as a result of changes recently made by the McNeil government. Previously they were automatically exempt.

This is according to a notice seniors enrolled in the program received in the mail today from the Department of Health. See notice here.

“Seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement should not have to pay so much as a dime for their Pharmacare Premiums,” says NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald. “For the Liberals to try and raise revenues by making it more expensive for middle-income, and in some cases low-income seniors, to purchase prescription drugs is not a fair approach.”

MacDonald adds, “The Liberals have used a lot of smoke and mirrors in announcing their changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program. The seniors impacted deserve a more thorough explanation. That is why we have called on the Health Minister to release his department’s full analysis of the impact of these changes.”