Spryfield risks losing community health teams: Crosby and Moore

September 24, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) A single province-wide health care superbureaucracy would put innovative community based programs like Community Health Teams at risk and take vital health services out of Spryfield, says Halifax Atlantic NDP candidate Tanis Crosby and Halifax Armdale NDP candidate Drew Moore.

“A centralized health superboard will take decision-making out of communities, and not just rural ones” said Crosby. “The Chebucto Community Health Team meets a need no other level of health care can, and this community just can’t risk losing them,” said Crosby.

Over the last few years the Chebucto West Community Health Board and other groups working with Capital Health listened to the community and created services tailored to Spryfield and area residents. Programs delivered at the Spryfield Mall, the Captain William Spry Library and other local facilities include:

-weight management

-caregiver support

-managing chronic pain and

-making the most of your food dollar

“In the chaos caused by amalgamating the District Health Authorities and the millions that will be wasted on severance, these grassroots programs would be at risk of being cut” said Moore.