Statement by NDP President David Wallbridge

September 17, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Nova Scotia NDP President David Wallbridge issued the following statement in response to anonymous emails sent to the NDP Campaign over the last two days:

The New Democratic Party Campaign has carefully considered an anonymous email targeting our campaign yesterday and a follow-up anonymous email sent this morning.

Given the threatening tone of the first email and the fact it threatens an undefined action against the NDP, we have made the decision to forward it to the Halifax Regional Police Department.

We believe the HRP needs to be made aware of what appears to be a threat contained in the email to take an undefined action within a 72-hour deadline. We believe police should also be aware of the general threatening tone of the document. We also forwarded the email in the event the police have any other information that might help identify the person sending these emails.

The NDP is very concerned not just about the possible threat in the emails but by the fact that they contained anonymous and false allegations that were widely reported and tweeted by mainstream media. This gives a clear appearance that the email may to have been a politically motivated dirty campaign trick.

One media outlet has made a connection between the email and a Liberal campaign staff person. That person denied being responsible. However, based on information in that story, the false allegations and the threatening tone and content of the email, the Nova Scotia NDP is calling on Stephen McNeil to investigate and determine whether any member of his campaign team is involved with these emails in any way.