Statement from NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann for World Teachers’ Day

October 5, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX –NDP Education Critic Lenore Zann made the following statement in honour of World Teachers’ Day:

“Today, October 5, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

Coming from a family of teachers, I know how hard teachers work. They are trying to teach in ever-worsening classroom conditions, expected to do more work with less support from government. They are required to spend long hours on top of their teaching time doing extra paperwork, administrative data entry, and keeping up with curriculum changes every year. Teachers do this on their own time and on their own dime and these extra duties take time away from their ability to focus on what teachers do best: teach.

Teachers in Nova Scotia are standing up for high quality public education and increased supports in the classroom.

Let’s stand with teachers and let them know we support them. Because teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions. Let’s improve both.

Our students — and our teachers — are worth it.”


For more information, please contact Kaley Kennedy at (902) 229-6881 or kaley.kennedy@novascotia.ca.