Statement from NDP President on social media campaign

September 16, 2013

(Halifax, N.S.) Nova Scotia NDP President David Wallbridge issued the following statement today in response to questions on social media:

“Tweeting information in politics and in the media is an everyday practise of communication. The NDP has integrated social media into every aspect of our campaign, and our success on social media platforms has been evident throughout the first week of this election.

“The NDP campaign operates three Twitter accounts – @NSNDP, @NSNDPHQ and @RealDealNS – and all three of these accounts are clearly identified with the NDP campaign, and none of them employ a “bot”. We have repeatedly told our campaigns to keep their social media activities classy, clean and above board.

“The NDP campaign has not been involved with the use of “bots”. Our campaign has no control over what happens to information once it is posted.

“Contrary to claims by an anonymous source, I have confirmed that our party did not set up 250 Twitter accounts from government offices. These accounts, if they exist at all, could have been set up from any government office, including either of the Opposition Caucus Offices. But they were not set up by the NDP.

“Whether door-to-door, at events, on the phone, or on the internet, our campaign has been working very hard to communicate our key commitments to Nova Scotia voters.”