Statement from Premier Darrell Dexter

October 7, 2013

(Halifax, N.S) Today Premier Darrell Dexter issued the following statement:

“With one day before the election, I want to speak directly to the many undecided voters.

The NDP has learned a lot during its first four years in government.

Think about where Nova Scotia will be, if we keep learning and working together.

In 2017 Nova Scotia will be building Canada’s next fleet of Navy vessels, at the most modern shipyard in the world, with thousands of young people already working.

Seniors will have at least 1,500 more home care spaces and a 1,000 more long-term care beds.

Emergency room closures will be cut by 92 per cent or more in most small hospitals, and community care will have the support it deserves.

Nurse-managed clinics will be providing families and seniors with better care closer to home.

Nova Scotia will be getting ready to throw the switch on green, reliable, local, tax-free power from Muskrat Falls.

The budget will still be balanced, taxes will be lower, and services will put people first.

Is it worth the risk of turning backwards to 1999 and starting all over again?

Much has been accomplished, but there is much more to do.

Let’s keep building a better future, by working together.

Tomorrow please vote for your NDP candidate.”