Stephen McNeil fails to turn the page on tainted Liberal trust fund

May 19, 2013


On Friday Stephen McNeil had an opportunity to turn the page on the tainted Liberal trust fund. Instead he broke a promise he made earlier this month to hand over all relevant documents and financial statements related to the Liberals’ infamous bank account.

In doing so Mr. McNeil left Nova Scotians wondering: where are all the missing pages?

While we did learn the Liberals have spent $2.2 million setting up a think tank in Ottawa – avoiding Nova Scotia provincial laws – we still don’t know where $1.2 million in tainted funds have gone since Stephen McNeil became party leader in 2006.

That includes $365,308 McNeil and the Liberals quietly transferred to an account used for political gain in 2009. An account the Liberals are using right now to purchase television attack ads against the NDP.

Stephen McNeil has had four years to put the Liberals’ dirty past behind him. By delaying and dithering there are now more questions than ever about the tainted trust.

Releasing all bank information from the trust back to 2009 would have ended this discussion. But much like he did with Manning MacDonald’s extended vacation, Stephen McNeil has decided to sweep everything under the carpet and hope it goes away.

Friends, as New Democrats we know that Nova Scotia is starting to turn the corner because Darrell Dexter has chosen to tackle difficult challenges like job creation and better health care head on. Avoiding tough issues only makes them worse, which is something an experienced leader understands.

Yours truly,

David Wallbridge