Stephen McNeil needs to stop downplaying doctor shortage

March 10, 2017

HALIFAX – NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson says Nova Scotians who can’t find a family doctor deserve better than misleading talking points from Stephen McNeil.

Yesterday, Stephen McNeil appeared to be patting himself on the back when talking to reporters about his government’s reaction to the shortage. Since November the number of people on the provincial waiting list for a family doctor has increased by almost 400%, from 6,000 to more than 25,000 today. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information there are currently 95,000 Nova Scotians without a physician.

“For Stephen McNeil to downplay the current doctor crisis with dismissive talking points demonstrates his complete lack of understanding and accountability when it comes to providing health care for those who need it,” said Wilson. “We’ve witnessed a drastic deterioration of our system since the Premier pushed forward with his political promise to merge the DHAs and it’s clear he has no plan to repair the damage he’s created.”

NDP Leader Gary Burrill says Stephen McNeil’s disinterest in our health care system is having a negative impact on families.

“Seniors, families with young children, and those suffering from chronic illnesses need the Premier to stop finding excuses about why he can’t honour his commitment and instead, find a solution. The Premier promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian, but instead he’s delivered an excuse for every Nova Scotian,” said Burrill.


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