NDP supports students on Day of Action

February 4, 2015

NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says Stephen McNeil and his Liberal government betrayed the trust of students by cutting the Graduate Retention Rebate and not reinvesting close to $40 million back into post-secondary education. She argues the Liberals are completely out-of-touch with the challenges facing today’s students.

“Life is getting more expensive for students and the Liberal government has done nothing to make post-secondary education more affordable,” says MacDonald. “To make matters worse, the Premier shut students out of the MOU negotiations with universities and he refuses to commit to keeping Nova Scotia’s tuition fees below the national average. I hope the day of action sends a message to the Premier and his Liberal government that they need to start working with students, not against them.”

MacDonald added, “given the Premier’s track record thus far, it’s no surprise students are concerned more cuts could be targeted at them in the upcoming budget. They are wise to be taking this stand now.”