Mancini calling on the government to develop a Syrian refugee plan, set targets

September 10, 2015

NDP MLA Marian Mancini, on behalf of the NDP Caucus, is offering support to the provincial government in developing a plan to accept refugees from Syria. She says she was encouraged by comments made by Minister Whalen last week; that being said, it’s crucial the government mobilize resources immediately to set potential refugee targets and put in place a plan to achieve them.

Recently Quebec offered to accept an additional 3,650 refugees by the end of this year. Mancini says given the magnitude of the situation it’s imperative the Nova Scotia government put in place a strategy immediately.

“Nova Scotians and all Canadians are calling on their governments to do everything they can to help the people of Syria,” says Mancini. “Given the Harper government’s disappointing reaction to the crisis, it’s not good enough to say the number of refugees Nova Scotia accepts should be left to the federal government. Nova Scotians want their provincial government to take a leadership role on this issue.”

Today, when asked how many Syrian refugees Nova Scotia was willing to accept Immigration Minister Lena Diab said she didn’t have a figure and that the figure would be up to the federal government.

“I appreciate that the government has a number of factors to weigh before setting a target. Nevertheless we should be joining other provinces in outlining what we are able to do,” adds Mancini.