McNeil government cuts tourism jobs in Digby and Pictou County

February 27, 2015

(Chester, NS) NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse wants to know why the McNeil government has decided to cut close to 15 rural tourism jobs in Pictou County and Digby.

She made the comments after it was announced Visitor Information Centres that welcome ferry passengers in both communities will not reopen in 2015. Each centre employs approximately seven people.

“These are key transportation links and both ferry services are in stable financial condition having received new federal funding in 2014,” said Peterson-Rafuse. “Ultimately I have two questions for Premier McNeil. First, why after promising in his platform that he would ‘revive and grow the tourism industry’ is now cutting tourism jobs. And second, what process was used to determine that these two Visitor Information Centers should be eliminated.”

Peterson-Rafuse added, “I know how important the Visitor Information Centre in Peggy’s Cove is to tourism operators in my own constituency. I can say with certainty that this decision by the McNeil government will have a negative impact on rural communities that are already struggling to maintain jobs.”

The McNeil government also announced additional job cuts at six provincial parks, as paid workers will be replaced by automated teller machines.