Province shouldn’t eliminate My Play system without a back-up plan

August 20, 2014

(Sackville, NS) NDP Health critic Dave Wilson wants to know what the Liberals’ plan is to reduce problem gambling following the elimination of the My Play Program. He also wonders why Leo Glavine is now removing a safeguard designed to make it harder for people to use VLTs when just a few years ago he suggested the machines should be eliminated.

“In the past year Leo Glavine has gone from someone who wanted to ban VLTs to someone who is willing to axe prevention programs because of cost,” said Wilson. “Clearly when it comes to VLT addiction, the Liberals aren’t doing what they said they would prior to the election, so I’d like to know what their plan is.”

According to the most recent gaming report, since My Play was implemented in 2012 VLT revenue has dropped by from $137 million to $106 million.


Wilson wants to know what evidence the Liberal government used to determine the program wasn’t meeting its objectives. He also says the Liberals should have first implemented an alternative system before eliminating My Play.

“If the government doesn’t think the current system is meeting objectives, then make improvements or find a better system,” said Wilson. “You can’t just pull the plug on a program that has helped people curb problem gambling habits without providing a back-up plan. The province should at least ensure the money Atlantic Lotto will save from eliminating the My Play program will be reinvested into programs to combat VLT addiction.”