We Did It

August 31, 2016


What a tremendous day this is for our NDP community.

The people of Halifax Needham have cast their ballots, and they have voted to continue the legacy of Maureen MacDonald—and to elect Lisa Roberts as their MLA.

What a fine representative they have chosen: a person with strong roots in the community, a background of progressive leadership, and a deep commitment to social justice. Did they select the best candidate? A thousand times yes.

It seems, as well, that the people of Needham have voted against something—a government whose only thought is for cutting back, and who believes that removing funding from the food, infrastructure, programming and staffing budget of nursing homes is a good idea.

They have also voted for something–a program that places at its center a 15 dollar minimum wage, free tuition for community college, and moving the children of the province out of the food bank business.

With Lisa as part of our caucus team, we will continue our work of holding the Liberals accountable and advancing our social democratic project in Nova Scotia. And we will do so with a chorus of six strong voices in the Legislature.

We could not have gotten here without the efforts of a good number of people. Lisa Roberts brought incredible energy, force and optimism to her role as the candidate. Campaign manager Evelyn Riggs provided the vision and guidance—and at times, marching orders—required to pull off this great success.

There are many others to whom gratitude is due: to Phyllis Larsen for taking the lead on fundraising, to Paulette Sadoway for her indispensable role as assistant campaign manager, to Andrea Gracie for greeting visitors and answering the phone, to Catherine Chambers for coordinating get-out-the-vote, to Bill Matheson and Mike Poworoznyk for carrying out the considerable work of the Party during a by-election, to our current and past NDP caucus members who showed their support and solidarity, and to the many individuals who worked the phones, knocked on doors, put up signs, made food, raised money, gave money, helped in the office, and did their part to spread Lisa’s message.

As we welcome Lisa to the caucus table, we celebrate everything the NDP has accomplished in Halifax Needham—and look forward to the road ahead.

We did it.

In solidarity and hope,