What people are saying about the NDP’s massive win in Halifax Needham

September 6, 2016

“I think the take away is that the NDP is feeling pretty optimistic, and I think that the warning to the other parties is that their base is coming back to them and that potentially makes them a player in Metro.” – Michael Gorman, CBC

“The Liberals have to re-evaluate, if nothing else, the way that they communicate some of their more difficult decisions like cuts to long-term care homes and the Film Tax credit.” – Michael Gorman, CBC

“Shortly after the NDP projected her win, Roberts greeted her constituents with a big grin and a can of orange Crush pop.” – Anjuli Patil, CBC

Winning Halifax Needham “certainly puts wind in the sails of the NDP in the face of the profoundly neoliberal, austerity regime that has become the face of the Stephen McNeil Liberal government.” – Christopher Majka, Rabble.ca Blog

“[The Needham by-election] is a clear marker of where the NDP is going as a political force under the leadership of Gary Burrill, a party that is firmly engaged in building social capital, in addressing economic and social injustice, in dealing with environmental issues, and in becoming a force for progressive and social change in the province.” Christopher Majka, Rabble.ca Blog

“…the New Democrats over-achieved in Halifax Needham and the Liberals came up well short of where they should have been.” – Eric Grenier, CBC Poll Analyst

“Simple math suggested that the Liberals should have had a very good chance of winning the riding.” – Eric Grenier, CBC Poll Analyst

“Lisa Roberts’ win will inevitably be hailed by her New Democratic Party as a referendum on three years of Stephen McNeil’s Liberals and a harbinger for sweeping change in the next general election.” – John DeMont, Localxpress

Gary Burrill “…brings a different approach to the NDP than (former NDP premier) Darrell Dexter did for sure. He’s moved it back to the left from the centre. Obviously that didn’t hurt the party…” – Don Mills, Corporate Research Associates

“Victory for (Lisa Roberts) signals the torch has been passed to a new generation in Needham.  It also shows the party has survived three years after it lost power and 10 months after the federal NDP got wiped out in Nova Scotia.” – Brian Flynn, allNovaScotia.com

“The fact is that Nova Scotia’s government — sitting 40 points atop both opposition parties in the likely-to-vote-for- count — is vulnerable.” – Jim Vibert, The MacDonald Report

“Last week, the NDP’s Lisa Roberts, a former journalist and community activist, convincingly won that north-end Halifax riding with 51 per cent of votes in a by-election.” – Stephen Kimber, Halifax Metro News