What’s your plan for health care Mr. McNeil? Cuts, closures, job loss

October 2, 2013

(Halifax, N.S) Today, the NDP campaign released a new 30-second TV ad featuring Stephen McNeil letting slip he wants to take health care back to the chaos it was in 1999.

 “What is your plan for health care Mr. McNeil? One centralized administrative board, just like we did in 1999. That’s when the Liberal cuts and closures caused chaos in health care, with the closure of 1,600 hospital beds, a freeze on long-term care beds and 1,000 nurses driven out of the profession. Just like we did in 1999. Stephen McNeil and your health care. Not worth the risk,” says the ad.

NDP campaign director Jill Marzetti says the ad lets Nova Scotians know that Stephen McNeil is planning a re-run of the 1990s for health care.

“Stephen McNeil slipped up and told Nova Scotians what he will do to health care. A centralized super bureaucracy has failed and driven up costs everywhere its been tried. Stephen McNeil will take Nova Scotia back to the failed policies of 1999. It’s a clear choice for Nova Scotians to consider: backwards to cuts, closures and lay-offs with the Liberals, or forward with nurse-managed clinics, keeping ERs open and a focus on patient care with the NDP,” said Marzetti.

“The NDP will continue to deliver better health care where and when families need it.”

Election day is Tuesday, October 8.