Whynott: Liberal candidates shouldn’t be allowed to act out in front of students

October 1, 2013

(Sackville, NS) Mat Whynott says he is worried the actions of Liberal candidate Tim Harris at recent high school debate will turn young people off politics. He added it’s very telling that the worst behaved person at a high school assembly was a Liberal candidate.

As reported by CBC, Harris appeared to be disinterested in a student debate at Sir John A MacDonald school. Afterwards, witnesses heard him tell a teacher: “I wasted my time for a couple of friggin’ votes.” Harris later confirmed he made these comments.

He was also caught on tape at the same debate answering a question about how the Liberals would address youth crime. His response “throw them all in jail.”

Whynott says people running for office need to set a better example for youth.

“One of the reasons I became involved in politics at a young age was because MLAs like Bill Estabrooks were willing to take the time to engage young people in a political discussion. Students need to know their voice matters.” said Whynott.

Whynott says Harris’s excuse that he was up late studying the Liberal platform just doesn’t cut it. Thus far while Harris has tried to justify his actions he still hasn’t apologized to students and their families

“Just to put in perspective, if a student had behaved like Tim Harris at that assembly he would be told to apologize.”

Whynott says this is a trend for Stephen McNeil and the Liberals.

“I can’t say I’m surprised Mr. Harris hasn’t apologized yet. Keep in mind Stephen McNeil also let one of his MLAs play hooky from the legislature for a month in Florida. Mr. McNeil sets the bar pretty low for his MLAs and candidates.”