Wilson attends protest to support veterans

June 16, 2016

For Immediate Release

Sackville, NS – NDP representative on the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, Dave Wilson, attended a protest this morning outside the Veterans’ Affairs building to show his support for Petter Blindheim, a 94-year old war veteran who was recently denied entry into the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital.  Wilson listened to the concerns shared by the many veterans in attendance, who feel that one of their own has been unfairly denied the care he needs and deserves.

Wilson also spoke at the event, along with former NDP MP Peter Stoffer, expressing his frustration with the recent treatment of Blindheim and other veterans trying to gain access to care at Camp Hill.

Wilson believes the Premier should be doing more to address this issue.

“The Premier admitted today that he has not yet talked to Prime Minister Trudeau about veterans’ access to care at Camp Hill, an issue that has been going on for months.  I think Nova Scotians expect greater leadership from the Premier on such an important topic.  Our veterans deserve better,” said Wilson.

Wilson recently wrote the Premier, asking him to help lobby the federal government, but he did not receive a reply.  He also wrote the federal Minister of Veterans’ Affairs, Kent Hehr, asking him to do the right thing.

Wilson thinks the three recent cases of veterans being denied access to care provide even more strength to his call for the provincial government to establish a Veteran’s Advocate.

“John Smith, Alan Sagar, and Petter Blindheim are all veterans in need of heath care that the federal government will not provide.  I think it would be a step forward if veterans in this province knew that when these circumstances arise, they could turn to a provincial representative dedicated to addressing their concerns,” Wilson said. “These veterans were there for us in our time of need, it is important that in their time of need we are there for them.”

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