Nova Scotians need to know how much Yarmouth ferry will cost beyond 2015

February 4, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says Nova Scotians deserve to know how much money the Liberal government is willing to spend on a Yarmouth ferry service beyond this year. She made the comments after Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson announced a $13 million subsidy to Nova Star for 2015.

“In about a year and a half the Liberals have given Nova Star more than $40 million – that’s a lot of money,” said MacDonald. “Nova Scotians have been told by Premier McNeil that the cupboard is bare and to prepare for cuts to government programs and services, but when it comes to the Nova Star there appears to be no limit on spending. That’s a concern to people, and the public deserves to know where the government is going to draw the line.”

She added, “Nova Scotians want the service to succeed but it needs to be sustainable. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring taxpayers receive a reasonable return on their investment.”