Belliveau wants answers to Yarmouth ferry questions

January 8, 2016

NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau is concerned that a vessel has yet to obtained by the company hired by the McNeil government to operate the Yarmouth ferry service.

He says it’s highly unusual that Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan awarded the contract without a guarantee that a vessel had been obtained and without knowing what the annual cost would be for the province.

“A lot of people are scratching their heads about this agreement,” says Belliveau. “We’re only 20 weeks from the start of the season and we still don’t know what type of ferry will be used. How long it will take to make the crossing? What time it will depart and arrive? How much will tickets cost? How many days of the week will it operate? What types of vehicles will it be able to accommodate? How many passengers will it be able to carry? What types of accommodations and services will be available on board? And on top of all that, we still don’t know how much the contract will cost the province.”

Belliveau adds, “At this point, it’s crucial the Minister start providing answers to these questions because people in Southwest Nova Scotia, who are counting on the Yarmouth ferry to be up and running in 2016, are starting to have major concerns.”