2014 to be the year of Liberal reviews: Wilson

December 30, 2013

NDP MLA David Wilson predicts 2014 will be known as the year the Liberals reviewed.

“In years past, a Liberal government review was almost always followed by cuts, closures and chaos. I hope Stephen McNeil isn’t planning to repeat the same mistakes of previous Liberal Premiers and continue this trend,” said Wilson.

Wilson says he is concerned about the number of reviews the Liberals are planning in the Department of Health, Education, Community Services, Finance and Economic and Rural Development. Specifically the Liberals have indicated reviews of:

– Collaborative Emergency Centres
– Continuing Care Strategy
– Long-term Care Strategy
– Nursing Strategy
– Housing Strategy
– Education funding and curriculum
– Economic and rural development programs
– Taxes, regulations and fees

“The last time the Liberals were in government and promised to do sweeping reviews the end result was a slew of cuts to programs and services for seniors and families. I’m worried the McNeil government could be heading down the same road.”

The Second Report issued by the Government of Nova Scotia Program Review Committee under Liberal Premier John Savage recommended to “Terminate all Seven Small Business Assistance Grants” including the Black Entrepreneurs Program, Disabled Entrepreneurs Program, Rural Industry Program, and the Women Entrepreneurs Program. The same Liberal government rolled back wages, closed 1600 hospital beds, and paid nurses to leave the province.

“The role of the NDP in 2014 will be to protect the programs and services Nova Scotians depend on and ensure Liberal reviews don’t cause chaos for Nova Scotians. The last thing Nova Scotians need is another slash and burn Liberal government,” said Wilson.