McNeil government out of touch with young Nova Scotians

September 10, 2015

(Sackville, NS) The McNeil government and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan are out of touch with the challenges facing young Nova Scotians graduating from our universities and colleges says NDP MLA Dave Wilson.

Earlier today Regan was asked about a recent survey which showed that 51% of young Nova Scotians studying a trade are planning to leave after graduation. The minister downplayed the findings stating, “It’s often a time in a young person’s life where they do look at going west or east. I came here. It’s not unusual.”

Wilson does not share the minister’s apathy towards the situation and points to decisions made by the McNeil government as the reason behind the exodus of young graduates.

“Young people are leaving this province because tuition is increasing at the fastest rate in Canada under Kelly Regan’s watch, and to make matters worse the Liberals have made life much more expensive for new grads by eliminating the graduate retention rebate,” says Wilson. “When you consider that the Liberals have gutted our film industry placing 2,700 jobs at risk it’s no surprise that our young people are leaving. And things aren’t going to change as long as Minister Regan continues to sit on her hands and pretend there is nothing she can do about the situation.”

He adds, “The McNeil government has really let our young people down. They promised they’d make post-secondary education more affordable and instead it’s more expensive than ever.”