NDP calling on Premier to remove Andrew Younger from Cabinet and Caucus

November 5, 2015

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald is calling on Premier Stephen McNeil to remove Environment Minister Andrew Younger from his Caucus after the Dartmouth East MLA abused his MLA privileges by ignoring a subpoena to testify in court.

“Younger’s action sets a very dangerous precedent and sends a message that members of this Liberal government are above the law,” said MacDonald. “It’s clear from Mr. Younger’s comments today that he does not have respect for our judicial system. This is unacceptable and the Premier needs to sanction him immediately. He should not be allowed to be a Minister of the Crown or a member of the Government Caucus.”

Judge Gregory Lenehan said on Wednesday that “If he (Younger) was any other citizen, a warrant could have been issued for his arrest.” The judge said that Younger was not unavailable to appear in court but “unwilling to make himself available.”

Premier Stephen McNeil said Wednesday he had no idea what his cabinet minister was going to do and knows little about privilege. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m a non-lawyer. I haven’t been to court. So, I have no idea.”

“When a lawmaker decides he doesn’t have to respect the law, then there should be consequences. Honestly, I am extremely concerned the Premier has allowed this situation to reach this point,” adds MacDonald.