NDP MLA Gordie Gosse speaks up for healthcare workers

October 19, 2014

Watch the whole video of Gordie Gosse’s speech on Bill 1 below.

“I remember back in [1998], there was another strike. At that time, I think the Liberal Party was having a convention or something at Centre 200. And the steelworkers were on strike…. And the premier of the time was Russell MacLellan. And the same thing [gesturing to the protesters outside Province House].

You know what Russell MacLellan did? He went right out the doors of Centre 200 and went right into the crowd and said, “What can I do for you? You want your say? Here I am.”

Now that’s a man. He didn’t get into no limousine like Air Force One [applause]. He wasn’t in a limousine like Air Force One and driven away in tinted windows. He went right out to the crowd, and he said to them—I was there —“Here I am. Have your say.”

That’s a man. That’s a man you can respect for going out to labour and saying, “What can I do for you? Here I am.” You know what? You respect a guy like that. You know, back home, we say that’s a man whose got a lot of Kahuna. To walk outside and do that. I have respect for that man to this day for going outside and doing that, and all the steelworkers did too.

He went right out and told them, “There’s no money in the province. Same thing we have today. There’s no money in the province of Nova Scotia. We keep adding to the debt. This government added to the debt. The previous government added to the debt. Something has to give sometime, and I understand that.

But go out and face the people…We all have constituents that are out there. Every riding here, all 51 ridings, have somebody out there on the picket line….

Mr. Speaker, we’re all here to do the right thing, and to make sure that we listen. So I’d ask any member elected here to speak to the people — be it CUPE, Unifor, NSNU, NSGEU. Please, take time to speak to them. Ask them what their concerns are, so you have a better idea to know what’s affecting them. Why are they out here? Why are they so afraid?”