Corbett asking Liberal government to provide funding for Literacy Nova Scotia

May 15, 2014

NDP MLA Frank Corbett is asking the Minister of Labour to provide funding for Literacy Nova Scotia.

Earlier this week the federal government cut funding to the organization, which provides training and support to 20 literacy groups around the province. The $200,000 cut in funding may force Literacy Nova Scotia to shut down.

“Given the amount of money in question, and the important role Literacy Nova Scotia plays in our province, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask the province to replace this funding,” said Corbett. “The organization plays a crucial role in helping people acquire necessary skills to find work. In the big picture, the impact of the closure of Literacy Nova Scotia on the province’s bottom line will be much greater than $200,000.”

Corbett also pointed out that the budget for the Minister of Labour’s personal office increased by $219,000 this year, with no subsequent increase in FTEs.

“I know the province must make tough decisions, but ultimately it comes down to priorities, and I think Literacy NS is a worthwhile priority,” said Corbett. “I’m hopeful the Minister can find $200,000 out of her department’s $350 million budget to keep Literacy Nova Scotia operating.