Corbett urges Nova Scotians to honour struggle of coal miners for workers’ rights

June 10, 2014

(New Waterford, NS) The history of the early plight of miners in Cape Breton and their pursuit for rights and dignity will be celebrated tomorrow on Davis Day, June 11.

“As the son of a coal miner, I believe it is important that we not forget the important legacy of miners like William Davis, whose life was lost while protesting the poor treatment of workers by the mining company,” said Frank Corbett, MLA Cape Breton Centre and NDP Labour critic.

“On Davis Day we honour those miners killed standing for their rights and those whose lives were lost because of the challenging working conditions in coal mines.”

Corbett encourages residents of mining communities to participate in memorial services to demonstrate appreciation for miners whose efforts helped to build communities.

“Davis fought for the safety and dignity of workers in his generation. This day reminds us that while we have made great strides in workplace safety since his death, we must remain focused as a province on ensuring every worker gets home safe at night and is treated with respect,” said Corbett.