Government Office Brings Jobs to New Waterford, Boosts Local Businesses

June 17, 2013

More people are working, and local businesses are seeing more customers, thanks to the opening of a new provincial office in New Waterford.

The Maintenance Enforcement Office opened June 10, bringing 35 new jobs to the Cape Breton town. Nova Scotia families that rely on spousal and child support payments through the Maintenance Enforcement Program will also receive better service.

Deputy Premier Frank Corbett toured the new office today, June 17.

“Like all Nova Scotians, this government wants strong and vibrant communities right across the province, in rural and urban centres,” said Mr. Corbett. “It means a great deal to communities like New Waterford to have good government jobs, and we have talented and hard-working people to fill them.”

The move was announced in April 2012. Recruitment for 24 staff began quickly and the positions are now filled with qualified local people. Eleven positions from the Sydney office have also moved to New Waterford.

Tracy Wilson, owner of Simple Pleasures CafĂ© in New Waterford, is pleased the number of people working in the community is growing. “The program will help my small business grow as the staff, and perhaps their families, add to our customer base,” she said.

Program staff are pleased that they are all in one location.

“I was glad to be able to work near my home community where I have family support and my son is starting school this fall,” said Nadine Hannah, enforcement officer. “When we received our training, it was also great that it was onsite and I didn’t have to travel.”

The office serves families across the province by phone or through the program’s secure website. In some cases, clients will also go to a nearby courthouse to use the videoconferencing facility.

The Maintenance Enforcement Program enforces maintenance orders from Family Court. In 2012-13, it paid $66 million in maintenance to families. Each month, the program’s website gets 10,000 hits and the secure online payment system is accessed 7,000 times. About 25,000 calls are made to the information line.

For more information about the program visit http://gov.ns.ca/just/mep .