Liberal Budget Leaves Cape Breton out in the Cold

April 5, 2014

NDP MLAs Gordie Gosse and Frank Corbett say the first Liberal budget does nothing to meet the pressing needs of Cape Breton.

“There should be no doubt in the Mayor of CBRM’s mind about whose putting the screws to him,” said Corbett. “Once he reads the budget he’ll figure out it’s not the bureaucrats, it’s Stephen McNeil and his Liberal Cabinet.”

Students and young grads were particularly targeted in the budget. The Liberals cut the $45 million Graduate Retention Rebate program designed to encourage young Nova Scotians to stay in the province to work and raise a family. The decision will only add to outmigration in Cape Breton says Gosse.

“Were having a hard enough time keeping young people in Cape Breton,” said Gosse. “Why the Liberals would axe a program that is keeping young grads in the province is beyond me.”

Both MLAs say the Liberal budget does nothing to improve infrastructure or create jobs in Cape Breton. In fact they say, the region was notably absent from the Finance Minister’s budget speech.

“I listened to the entire speech and Diana Whalen didn’t mention Cape Breton once,” said Gosse.

Corbett added, “Geoff MacLellan has to start working for Cape Breton at the Liberal Cabinet table because right now were being left out in the cold.”