McNeil Liberals: Not as Advertised

May 1, 2014

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says the Liberal Government has let Nova Scotians down in the spring sitting of the legislature. “I think many Nova Scotians are truly disappointed with what the government has done this session, especially students, nurses and health-care workers from across the province,” says MacDonald.

The McNeil Liberals started the session by introducing draconian legislation that stole away the fair collective bargaining rights of thousands of nurses and health-care workers from one end of the province to the other.

“Stephen McNeil and his government ignored nurses’ warnings of under-staffing, patient safety and low morale at the Capital Health District by introducing a bill that forced them back to work without a deal reached at the bargaining table. Problems have only gotten worse,” added MacDonald. “The government has no plan to improve working conditions for nurses and health-care workers. This move will poison relations between health-care workers and the government for years to come.”

The Liberals also gave the biggest tax increase to Nova Scotia’s youngest tax payers by eliminating the Graduate Retention Tax Rebate in the government’s first budget. “Students and young grads feel betrayed by the government as McNeil used their request for programs to address high tuition as a reason to cancel the graduate tax rebate. More than $30 million dollars in funding is lost, giving young people no real incentive to stay and work here in Nova Scotia,” says MacDonald.

Stephen McNeil made a lot of promises during his election campaign, not one of which he has made good on, in fact just the opposite. “The McNeil government failed to make Nova Scotia Power pay for the Efficiency Nova Scotia fee, McNeil failed to take away cabinet control of the Jobs Fund, and continues to offer funding to private companies despite a strong commitment to do the opposite,” says MacDonald.

McNeil also pledged to pump $65 million dollars immediately into the education system, another let-down to those who were sold on this promise. “McNeil’s record since coming in to government is certainly not as advertised during their election campaign. Many Nova Scotians now see the Liberals’ guarantee for an open and transparent government is anything but.”