Improved Walking Route Keeps New Waterford Residents Active

September 6, 2013

Improvements to a popular walking route in New Waterford mean walkers and joggers have a safe way to get around and stay fit.

The New Waterford Walking Loop circles the community and gives residents a good option for active transportation, which is any travel that is human powered and non-motorized. It is also wheelchair accessible. The province is contributing $65,000 toward to the cost of upgrades which will be completed later this month.

“To choose active transportation, people need safe ways to walk, run, rollerblade and skateboard for short trips in their communities, rather than driving,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Frank Corbett, on behalf of Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson. “We’re pleased to support improvements to the loop so children, youth, and families in the New Waterford area can stay fit while getting around town.”

The New Waterford Community Wellness Society promotes active healthy living and encourages use of the three kilometre walking loop.

“The loop is arguably the busiest walking route in Cape Breton,” said society chair Lowell Cormier. “By upgrading this loop, we’re providing a safe, pleasant environment that promotes active, healthy living in the New Waterford area.”

The society was instrumental in bringing the first turf soccer field to Cape Breton and an outdoor ball hockey rink in New Waterford.

The funding supports Thrive!, the province’s plan for a healthier Nova Scotia. The plan has 34 main actions to create supportive environments for healthy eating and physical activity. Learn more at http://thrive.novascotia.ca.