Liberals “balance” budget on backs of problem gamblers

April 19, 2016

Today, Stephen McNeil and the Liberals used a projected 23% increase in VLT revenues to balance the provincial budget.

According to the 2016-17 Provincial Budget, VLT revenues are estimated to reach a total of $144.6 million, a total increase of $27.1 million. Over the past two years VLT Revenue has increased in Nova Scotia by $37.8 million.

“Problem gamblers in Nova Scotia need help from their government, not a government who uses them as cash cows,” NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson said.

The Liberals eliminated My Play, a responsible gaming program that tried to assist problem gamblers.  Since then VLT revenue has been on the rise.  The Auditor General also criticized the government in 2015 for not spending all of the resources allocated to help problem gamblers.

“Balancing the budget based on revenue from gambling addicts is simply immoral.  Nova Scotians deserve better,” Wilson concluded.