Family of WWII Vet supports call for Veterans Advocate

June 13, 2016

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – Margaret Sagar, wife of WWII veteran Alan Sagar, is supporting the Nova Scotia NDP’s call for a Veterans Advocate position to be established in the province.

Sagar was recently in the media speaking about how her husband, Alan Sagar, has been denied access to care at Camp Hill.  Alan Sagar is an Allied veteran who served in the British navy during the war.  This case is similar to other cases that have been denied by Veterans Affairs Canada in recent weeks and months.

The position of Veterans Advocate would help veterans and their families navigate the services available to them.  The position would also advocate on behalf of veterans.

“Navigating Veterans Affairs is confusing and contradictory.  Having an advocate who could help people through the various steps would be very useful,” says Margaret Sagar.

Sagar is starting a letter writing campaign to convince the federal government to allow all allied veterans, who meet the necessary care requirements, to be eligible for a bed at a federal facilities.

The Standing Committee on Veterans’ Affairs will meet again on June 21st.  Dave Wilson, the NDP representative on the Standing Committee, is calling on the provincial Liberals to provide an update on Camp Hill and recent admissions issues at the Committee meeting.

“We understand that this is a federal issue. As a province with such a rich military presence and history we could be doing much more to assist our veterans, like creating a Veterans Advocate,” says Wilson.  “There are fewer and fewer WWII and Korean War veterans who are still with us, surely we can find the resources to make sure they all have the best care available.”

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