Government should make new meningitis vaccine available to all

February 3, 2015

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson is asking the government to make a more comprehensive meningitis vaccine free to any Nova Scotian who wishes to be vaccinated.

“We’ve had two young Nova Scotians contract meningitis recently and sadly pass away. I think the government should make the more comprehensive meningitis vaccine available to the public at no charge as soon as possible,” said Wilson.

The vaccine, which protects against the A, C, Y and W-strains, will be provided at no charge to grade 7 students starting this fall, 2015. The current vaccination covered in Nova Scotia only protects against the C-strain.

The more comprehensive vaccine can be obtained via a prescription and administered by a pharmacist. It is not currently included in the Nova Scotia Formulary.

Wilson says, understandably, young Nova Scotians and their parents are particularly concerned about the virus right now and are anxious to do what they can to protect themselves.

“It’s important Nova Scotians understand what the risks are, know what the symptoms are, and most importantly be able to get vaccinated if they so choose,” said Wilson.