McNeil government continues to ignore issues at hospitals

March 6, 2015

NDP Health critic Dave Wilson says the McNeil government needs to stop ignoring the concerns of health care professionals at the QEII and Dartmouth General hospitals.

Today, in a post Cabinet meeting interview, Health Minister Leo Glavine spoke with reporters about the situation at the emergency rooms at both hospitals stating, “to operate as they have for the past two weeks does compromise patient safety.”

Despite several pubic pleas this week by health care professionals to increase patient capacity in the capital district, Minister Glavine stated today, “More beds is definitely not the answer.”

On Monday, the site chief for the emergency room at the QEII hospital told News 95.7 demand is up about 30 per cent in the last two years. “Our real stumbling block at the moment is capacity in the hospital,” said Dr. Samuel Campbell.

Those concerns were echoed today by the chief of emergency medicine at Dartmouth General Hospital, Dr. Ravi Parkash, who told CBC News, “Right now, we need more capacity and when I talk about capacity we need more beds.“

Wilson says it’s time the McNeil government start paying attention to what really matters.

“If the Premier and the Health Minister had been paying attention to front-line care, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are today with patient safety being put at risk,” said Wilson. “This all comes back to a government that has been more focused on picking fights with health care workers than improving health care.”