NDP introduce legislation requiring universities to adopt sexual assault policies

May 5, 2015

NDP MLA Dave Wilson says the McNeil government should support legislation requiring colleges and universities to adopt sexual assault policies.

“For decades students have been on the front lines in the struggle to end sexualized violence at our universities,” said Michaela Sam, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia (CFS-NS). “This bill will make our campuses safer places by ensuring university administrators are held to account to work with students in this fight.”

Wilson will table a bill in the legislature today requiring colleges and universities to develop sexual assault policies in partnership with students and review the policies on a regular basis.

“We know one in five women experience sexual assault while attending a post-secondary institution. We need to make sure post-secondary institutions have policies in place to both prevent and respond to these assaults when they occur,” said Wilson, NDP critic of Labour and Advanced Education.