NDP pleased changes to Seniors’ Pharmacare program have been halted

February 18, 2016

NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald says she’s pleased Stephen McNeil has finally done the right thing by placing a halt on changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program and agreeing to hold a full public consultation on the issue.

MacDonald has been calling on the Premier to take these steps since early February: https://classic.nsndp.ca/health/op-ed-pharmacare

“As has been a trend, Stephen McNeil made significant and unfair changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program without warning and without consultation,” says MacDonald. “To make matters worse his Liberal government withheld crucial information, which prevented the public from knowing the full truth. I’m pleased the Premier has accepted his mistake and has done the right thing by reversing course.”

MacDonald adds, “Let’s hope the Premier can also can come to grips with the damage he’s done to our screen industry and reverse changes he’s made to the film tax credit as well.”