NDP restore cuts by Liberals, Conservatives to children’s dental care – New Video!

April 8, 2013


(Halifax, N.S.) More children now have access to dental care thanks to the NDP government which restored funding to the program today after a decade of deep cuts by the Liberals and Conservatives.

“The Liberals and the Conservatives sacrificed our children’s health, for what?” said Gary Ramey, Ministerial Assistant for Health and Wellness. “It took an NDP government to bring back funding for children and families who rely on this essential program.”

In 1990, the Conservatives began making cuts to the province’s dental program for children when they lowered the age of coverage from 16 to 14. They made further cuts when they reduced the age to 12 just one year later. In 1997, the Liberals followed suit and reduced the age to 10 in a failed attempt to balance their budget.

Today Premier Darrell Dexter joined Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson to announce details about restoring those funding cuts. Children up to the age of 13 will now be able to access the program.

“Restoring this funding means fewer parents will have to worry about whether or not they can afford to send their child to the dentist. More importantly it will mean improved dental health, including preventative care, for our children,” said Ramey. “If the Liberals or the Conservatives were still in power it is very likely Nova Scotia families would be facing even more cuts.”