New Democrats rally against Liberal broken promises at 2014 Convention

April 13, 2014

Nova Scotia New Democrats converged on the NDP Policy Convention in Dartmouth this weekend to lay the groundwork for a better future for Nova Scotia.

On Friday night registered nurse Trish MacDonald and health care social worker Heather Smith addressed delegates about the harm Stephen McNeil’s Bill 37 will have on health providers in Nova Scotia. Both expressed concern that nurses and other health care workers will be forced to leave Nova Scotia in the coming years, as they did under the previous Liberal government in the 1990s.

“I was lied to. McNeil manipulated the public and manufactured this strike with his refusal to bargain in good faith,” said Smith.

Later on Friday evening delegates paid tribute to Atlantic Canada’s first and only NDP Premier Darrell Dexter. Dexter thanked delegates and all Nova Scotians for giving him the opportunity to lead Nova Scotia.

“We cared for those whose life was most difficult. We cared about communities, rescuing jobs rather than standing idly by,” said Dexter. “I am proud of these things and many others.”

On Saturday, acting NDP leader Maureen MacDonald gave a speech highlighting Premier Stephen McNeil’s broken promises and her vision for a more progressive Nova Scotia.

“Over the past few weeks Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have shown they have no regard for our nurses and health care workers, and no regard for their collective bargaining rights,” said MacDonald. “The same things happened in the 1990s under the Liberals. It’s déjà vu.”

MacDonald’s speech featured a video outlining Stephen McNeil’s broken election promises. Watch video here:


Following MacDonald’s speech Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair spoke of the need to replace Stephen Harper’s conservative policies with a progressive vision for Canada.

“They can’t deliver the mail,” said Mulcair. “They can’t deliver the grain. They can’t even fix the computers to take care of your tax return at tax time. And they think that they’re going to give other people lessons about public administration. Come on, let’s throw these guys out.”

The policy convention wrapped up today at noon. David Wallbridge addressed delegates for a final time as NDP President before handing the podium over to Paula Simon who will become the new president of the Nova Scotia NDP.