University tuition on rise while university executives receive large raises

August 11, 2015

NDP Labour and Advanced Education Critic Dave Wilson says it’s wrong the McNeil government removed the tuition cap when university presidents are receiving massive pay increases.

Wilson says Minister Kelly Regan should have asked universities to control administrative spending before passing additional costs onto students.

“Minister Regan likes to shrug her shoulders and pretend that she has no control over university tuition but that’s just not the case,” says Wilson. “It just isn’t right that students are facing added fees and tuition increases as high as 23% while some senior administrators are receiving raises in excess of $60,000.”

Wilson adds, “The McNeil government imposed the largest tax increase in Nova Scotia history when it cut the graduate retention rebate. Minister Regan took away the rights of university students, faculty and staff with Bill 100 and she allowed the largest tuition hike in over a decade. Yet she’s done nothing to control the spending of a relatively small group of university administrators. Nova Scotians are growing tired with this double standard and the Minister needs re-evaluate her priorities.”