Wilson: VLT revenue increases following cancellation of My Play system

June 25, 2015

NDP Health Critic Dave Wilson says it’s clear gambling revenue was behind the McNeil government’s decision to cut the My Play system without a replacement.

Yesterday CBC reported that the McNeil government ignored the advice of an expert panel and pulled the plug on the system designed to curb problem gambling without first implementing a more effective replacement. According to the report provided to CBC, the panel recommended that the province “continue with a card system but add a feature that would allow players to create password-protected accounts that they would log in to before they start play.”

Wilson says VLT revenue is climbing since the McNeil government made the decision to pull the plug on the My Play system.

“Instead of looking to reduce problem gambling, the McNeil has eliminated all prevention measures from VLT machines, which really sets us back about five years,” says Wilson. “Since they are doing nothing to reduce VLT usage, it’s pretty clear their motive is to increase gambling revenue.”

He adds, “We know the social impacts of problem gambling and doing nothing to prevent it is the wrong approach.”

According to Nova Scotia Provincial Lottery and Casino Corporation consolidated financial statements VLT revenue dropped by approximately $32 million after the My Play system was introduced in 2012. After the system was eliminated in February 2014, VLT revenue increased by about $8 million and is projected to grow by another $4 million next year.