Holding Liberals accountable for wait time increases

May 4, 2016

Today in Question Period, NDP MLAs are seeking answers from the Liberal government on health care wait times.

Wait times for hip replacements skyrocketed by 75% in the months after the health authorities were merged[1].  Wait times for community-based mental health services are up 25% on average since the Liberals took office[2].  Wait times for nursing home placements are up 23% on average since the Liberals took office[3].  The number of people on the wait list for home care has risen by 50% over two years[4].

These numbers are averages, and services in specific locations may have much longer wait times.

For hip replacements, one surgeon reports wait times as high as 876 days.

For mental health services, the longest wait times in the province are in Sydney at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital with 253 days.

The longest wait time for nursing home placements in the province are in Richmond County at the Richmond Villa with waits of 1088 days.

“The people of Nova Scotia are waiting longer for the health care they need because the Liberal government has been failing to make the investments in reducing wait times that are required,” says Gary Burrill, Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP.

“Health care is the top issue for many Nova Scotians.  The Liberals have completely failed to improve health care while they have been in office.  These wait time numbers show the Liberals can’t be trusted with public health care,” says Dave Wilson, NDP Health Critic.

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