15 cents won’t help minimum wage workers make ends meet

January 25, 2017

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – Raising the minimum wage by 15 cents will do nothing to ensure the lowest paid Nova Scotians can afford to pay for groceries, rent, and other necessities.

“We need to start talking about the real investments we can make in people and that includes increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

The Liberal government announced today that the minimum wage will increase by 1.4 per cent, or 15 cents, as per the recommendation of the Minimum Wage Review Committee.

The NDP has put forward legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour over three years. The legislation would increase the wages of about 130,000 Nova Scotians.

“I think it is reasonable to expect that people who are working full-time at minimum wage can afford an apartment and their groceries,” said Burrill. “In order to be able to live, people need more than a nickel and a dime.”


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