Heating Assistance Rebates going to 5700 fewer families since 2012-13

October 11, 2016

For immediate release.

HALIFAX – The NDP Caucus has serious concerns about the drop in families receiving the Heating Assistance Rebate. The government announced today that people will be able to apply online for the Heating Assistance Rebate, but since the Liberals took office, the number of families receiving the rebate has fallen by 5700. As a result, over the past three years, $5.3 million that was intended to help people with home heating costs has been redirected to other budget lines.

“The cost of heating your home rises dramatically each year. Many people find it very difficult to pay their heating bills,” said Marian Mancini, NDP Community Services Critic. “For those who fall behind, this can lead to being unable to heat your home in winter. We need to help more people.”

The NDP Caucus has proposed that 100 per cent of the unspent Heating Assistance Rebate Program budget be reallocated each year into a fund to help those who have fallen seriously into arrears on their home heating bills.

“Something’s wrong when money is allocated in the budget to help people heat their homes and every year, the full amount is not spent,” said Gary Burrill, Leader of the NDP. “Online applications won’t address families in our province facing an insurmountable issue of arrears on their home heating bills.”


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