Here We Come

October 11, 2016


This Thursday, our MLAs return to the House of Assembly for the fall 2016 sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Remember our fightin’ four from the spring? Now, with the return of Denise Peterson-Rafuse from medical leave and the addition of Lisa Roberts to our MLA team, there will be a half-dozen strong NDP voices opposite the Liberal government.

Our agenda for the Legislature? To hold the Liberals to account on issues that matter to the people of our province, and to advance policy in the direction of social, environmental and economic justice. In particular, you can count on our MLAs speaking up about:

Long-term care. This summer, we learned that the Department of Health and Wellness had cut funding to nursing homes and residential care facilities across the province. When we pressed the government for figures about the cuts to specific facilities, they gave us a list that considerably lowballed the numbers. All in all, the Liberals cut over $6 million to long-term care, forcing layoffs in places like Port Hawkesbury, Halifax and Amherst. It’s time for answers, and our MLAs will be asking.

NSCC tuition. We will introduce legislation to eliminate tuition fees for Nova Scotia Community College students, extending fully publicly-funded education for the first time in over a century. We are seeing innovations in other Canadian jurisdictions to make post-secondary education affordable. Now it’s our turn in Nova Scotia.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Of the ninety-four Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, there are over 30 that fall within provincial jurisdiction. They deal with the legacy of injustice and suffering brought about through the residential school system, and more broadly the violence of colonialism and racism. We will introduce legislation to ensure the implementation of these Calls to Action in Nova Scotia, and require updates from our government to ensure accountability.

Amongst other legislation the NDP will also be introducing this fall are bills providing for the restructuring of the Environmental Assessment system in Nova Scotia, a bill initiating a provincial-municipal review of fiscal issues facing the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, and a bill providing for the re-instatement of the Film Tax Credit as it existed prior to the Liberals’ 2015 changes.

Wherever you are in the province, you can follow our MLAs as they bring forward bills, questions and statements in the House. Here are a few ways to do it:

Tune in to Legislative TV: http://nslegislature.ca/index.php/proceedings/legislative-tv

Check our News page for daily updates: https://classic.nsndp.ca/news

Follow us on social media (see buttons below).

Here we come.

In solidarity and hope,