Liberal suggestion for higher MLA budgets to address food bank usage “insulting”

April 4, 2017

For Immediate Release

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill is criticizing a suggestion from Liberal government MLA Joyce Treen (Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage) that MLA offices should be given budgets which could be used to pay for food for their constituents. Treen also suggested that coupons are a meaningful way of addressing hunger in the province.

“MLAs have a budget to address the needs of people in our province. It’s called the Budget of Nova Scotia, which Stephen McNeil will present on April 27 and, as we’ve heard, will not take any significant action to ensure that people can afford to live,” said Burrill. “The comments made today are insulting to the thousands of people in our province struggling to put food on the table.”

60,100 households in Nova Scotia are food insecure and experience hunger. Over 44,000 people, including 14,000 kids, use food banks on a regular basis. Since the McNeil Liberals took power, the number of people using food banks has increased by 7,500.

“The McNeil Liberals sat idly by as food bank usage in Nova Scotia went up by over 20 per cent last year, more than any other province in the country. Now, the Liberal solution is coupons?” said Burrill.  “Ending hunger requires an investment in our people’s future, not a few bags of food in an office somewhere. The NDP is committed to ensuring that the people of our province can afford to buy groceries at a grocery store or farmer’s market, not be forced to visit food banks.”

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